YETI makes the world’s best coolers. Extreme design and construction assure you a lifetime of extreme performance. No other cooler is as durable. No other cooler keeps ice longer. No other cooler compares. Here are some things to know about the YETI Tundra.

Download a PDF of the YETI Tundra Owner's Manual


  • YETI coolers are one-piece, rotomolded, which means uniform wall thickness, thicker and stronger corners, and superior overall durability. This is the same process used to make whitewater kayaks.
  • YETI coolers are made of food grade UV-resistant polyethylene that is dry ice–compatible. The walls of a YETI cooler contain 2 inches of premium insulation; the Roadie lids have 2 inches of premium insulation; and the Tundra lids have 3 inches of premium insulation.
  • Heavy-duty latches were originally designed for use on ATVs and are molded into the body of the cooler.
  • The freezer-style sealing gasket locks in the cold.
  • The full-length, molded-in, self-stopping hinge won’t hyperextend or break.
  • Non-slip, non-marking feet help keep the cooler in place.
  • Polyester rope handles with textured rubber grips are built to last but are replaceable (Tundra models only).
  • The gasketed drain plug is leakproof. The cooler floor is recessed near the drain allowing every last drop of water to be drained.
  • Tie-down points and padlock holes are moulded into the cooler. When locked, the cooler is certified as a bear-resistant container (Tundra models only).


A YETI cooler, with its rotomolded construction, generous insulation in walls and lid, and freezer-quality sealing gasket, gives you remarkable insulating performance and ice retention. View our ice retention tips for more information.


First of all, clean your new cooler with soap and water prior to use. Soap and water is ideal for everyday cleaning as well. For tougher stains and odours, use a mixture of water and bleach (6:1 ratio) and scrub with a brush. Also, a high-pressure sprayer will clean even the most stubborn stains.


Customise your Tundra with accessories as well made as your YETI.

  • Cooler Cushion (Tundra model only)

    Your YETI can do double-duty. The YETI cooler seat cushion is 2 inches thick and made of tough, white UV-marine vinyl. Installation is easy. Screw the studs (included) into the cooler lid and snap the cushion in place. Fits all YETI Tundra models. All hardware is stainless steel.

  • Tundra Dividers (Tundra Model only)

    Organise your cooler with our Dividers. Using the horizontal or vertical dividers, you can separate your catches or make room for more storage. Each divider fits directly inside the moulded-in divider groove. And they also make great cutting boards when not in use.


All Tundra and Roadie products manufactured by YETI are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for five years. This warranty applies only to the original owner. This warranty is void if the cooler is used commercially, structurally altered, or subjected to stress beyond the physical limits of the materials used in body or components, or is damaged as a result of abnormal use. Normal wear and tear is not warrantied. For more information on the YETI Warranty Policy, click here.